The Possibility Dogs

Susannah Charleson

In The Possibility Dogs, Susannah Charleson journeys into the world of psychiatric service, where dogs aid humans with disabilities that may be unseen but are no less felt. Charleson herself struggled with post-traumatic stress disorder for months after a particularly grisly search. Collaboration with her search dog partner made the surprising difference to her own healing. Inspired by that experience, Charleson learns to identify abandoned dogs with service potential, often plucking them from shelters at the last minute, and to train them for work beside hurting partners, to whom these second-chance dogs bring intelligence, comfort, and hope.

Susannah Charleson dog trainer and author talks with Marcie and Whistle in Episode 84 of the Working Like Dogs radio show about the tremendous potential abandoned dogs can have for service. Susannah is passionate about training these dogs to work beside individuals with different types of needs such as post-traumatic stress or mobility limitations. Learn about these dogs that go from tragedy to triumph as they serve both the human mind and spirit!

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