Two Plus Four Equals One: Celebrating the Partnership of People with Disabilities and Their Assistance Dog

Kathy Nimmer

True, vibrant, honest, and emotional, Two Plus Four Equals One offers over 100 stories and poems written by or about people with disabilities and their canine partners.  The array of disabilities showcased in this unforgettable book is as vast as the tasks performed by the canine partners. This book highlights the strength, competence, and potential of both the human and canine participants in an alliance where neither partner is perfect but add up to an equation where two hands/feet/eyes/ears plus four paws equals one magical union.

Author, editor, and guide dog recipient, Kathy Nimmer, along with contributing author and diabetic alert service dog recipient, Dena Feller, visited with Marcie and Whistle about this inspirational book in Episode 49 of the Working Like Dogs radio show.

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