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  • Working Like Dogs - Episode 137 In the Line of Duty - Protecting Working Dogs from Opioid Overdose September 27, 2017
    Did you know that the opioid epidemic is not only impacting humans but it’s also impacting working dogs? Police dogs are being exposed to deadly drugs in the line of duty. Dr. Ashley Mitek and Dr. Maureen McMichael from the University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital are working with law enforcement and veterinarians to help […]
    Marcie Davis
  • Working Like Dogs - Episode 136 Do You Know the Difference Between an Assistance Dog and a Pet? August 16, 2017
    We regularly hear a news story of someone trying to bring a fake assistance dog into a business or public place. Listen in as Marcie and Lovey visit with Marsha Gilford, Regional Corporate Affairs Director for the Southwest Region of the Kroger Company, the largest traditional grocery retailer in the United States. Marsha stops by […]
    Marcie Davis
  • Working Like Dogs - Episode 135 The Dog-Human Relationship July 24, 2017
    Marcie and Lovey welcome world-renowned dog researcher Dr. Adam Miklosi to the show. Dr. Miklosi is the Director of the Family Dog Research Project the first research group to study the behavioral and cognitive aspects of the dog-human relationship. Based in Hungary, they are one of the largest dog research groups in the world! Dr. […]
    Marcie Davis
  • Working Like Dogs - Episode 134 Loyal! July 7, 2017
    Rebecca Ascher-Walsh visits with Marcie and Lovey about her beautiful new book, Loyal: 38 Inspiring Tales of Bravery, Heroism, and the Devotion of Dogs. Listen in as Rebecca lovingly highlights some of the incredible working dogs in her new book and how these skilled canines changed the lives of their amazing human partners. Rebecca also […]
    Marcie Davis
  • Working Like Dogs - Episode 133 Roscoe the Bed Bug Dog June 5, 2017
    Jennifer Erdogan, Director of Bell Environmental Services’ Canine Division and certified bedbug detection dog and adorable tri-colored beagle, Roscoe, stop by to talk with Marcie and Lovey. Jennifer explains how Roscoe works to sniff and detect hidden bed bugs in hospitals, hotels, homes, apartment buildings and other sites. Roscoe and their other certified bed bug […]
    Marcie Davis

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