Of Dogs and Men: Fifty Years in the Antarctic

Kevin Walton and Rick Atkinson

Dr. Ursula Rack, recommends this book about dogs being used in the Antarctic. It takes a nostalgic look back at the years when dogs were the sole means of travel in Antarctica ; it is also indicative of a relationship that is fundamental and has stood the test of time.

Dr. Ursula Rack, Arctic and Antarctic Historian at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, talks with Marcie and Whistle about her incredible historical research into the working dogs of Antarctica in Episode 101 of the Working Like Dogs radio show. You will be fascinated as Dr. Rack recounts the information she has gathered about working dogs and how they were utilized in Antarctica from the diaries and reports of the explorers and scientists. Their heroic expeditions date back to the late 1800s. Dr. Rack talks specifically about these canine and human pioneering heroes and how important their work has been on our present day global climate and environment!

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