The Dog Lover Unit

Rachel Rose

An acclaimed poet, Rachel Rose never expected to spend her nights careening along for the ride while the police teams search for armed suspects. Yet once she decided to meet the people who devoted their lives to police K9 units, she found herself signing up for the ride-alongs, training runs, and other challenges that these courageous people–and canines–face on a daily basis.

In Episode 138 of the Working Like Dogs radio show, Rachel Rose stops by to talk with Marcie and Whistle about her book and introduces us to police dogs in the United States, France, Canada and Britain. She poetically describes the grit, determination and courage she witnessed firsthand with these law enforcement officers and their K9 partners. Rachel also shares with us the work she is currently doing with Pacific Assistance Dogs Society that was directly inspired by the courage she discovered while embedded with these fearless K9 units.


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