Lovey and I had the pleasure of visiting with producer Taran Davies about his upcoming, giant, 3D IMAX family adventure movie, Superpower Dogs (www.SuperpowerDogs.com). This innovative film captures the magic of working dogs across the globe. Taran said the film highlights canine superheroes including dogs that brave avalanches, bring animal poachers to justice, protect us from danger and lift our spirits!

Taran described how the film crew is working to enable viewers to experience how working dogs see, feel and experience the world! He said we will never look at dogs in the same way again!

The hero of Superpower Dogs is a rookie puppy named, Halo, and her human partner, Fire Captain ‘Cat’ Labrada. The film documents the true story of their two year journey to become a FEMA certified Urban Search and Rescue K9 response team and join Florida Task Force 1, a Rapid Reaction Force set up to respond to castrophic events such as hurricanes, earthquakes and terrorist attacks.

Alongside Halo, Superpower Dogs features working dogs such as a Newfoundland with the Italian coastguard trained to leap out of helicopters to save people from drowning; an avalanche dog working to save people buried in avalanches in the Rocky mountains; two Bloodhouds working for the LEWA conservancy in Northern Kenya to track down poachers and save endangered species; and a Golden Retriever, Ricochet, in California who helps children with special needs and veterans suffering from post traumatic stress by surfing with them.

Taran promises that Superpower Dogs will thrill and amaze audiences while revealing the latest science behind the incredible abilities of dogs, celebrating the extraordinary bond between humans and dogs, and building a stronger foundation of support for working dogs around the world!

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