Soldiers in Fur and Feathers: The Animals that Served in World War I – The Allied Forces

Susan Bulanda

Soldiers in Fur and Feathers reveals fascinating true stories of the heroic animals that assisted the Allied Forces during World War I-stories that have, for the most part, been forgotten. This important book will help preserve the role of the animals that served. Who were they, why were they used, how were they selected, how did they serve, and what became of them? Soldiers in Fur and Feathers answers those questions. An award-winning author who is a certified animal behavior consultant and expert trainer, Bulanda has factored the human/animal bond, with which all pet lovers will identify, into her accounts.

Author and animal behaviorist, Susan Bulanda drops by to talk with Marcie and Whistle about her book in Episode 91 of the Working Like Dogs radio show, and shares some of the fascinating stories and rare photographs that she uncovered during her research of the incredible animals that served in World War I. You will want to hear all about these amazing animals and how they helped to win the war for the Allies.

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