Franklin: The man behind the United States Commando Dogs

Matthew Duffy

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In June of 1991, Jeffrey Scott Franklin received his first tutorial on aggressive working dogs from me. Jeff was not yet twenty years old when we first met. He had just returned home from active duty as a Marine Tank Operator during the Desert Storm War.

Whether he knew it or not, Jeff committed to making history in 2004 when he agreed to develop a “top tier” Canine Commando program for the preeminent branch of the United States Military.

Franklin’s dog-training skills were put to the test as he turned extraordinary dogs and exceptional men into the world’s foremost K-9 combat teams. Developing his own canine-selection criteria and training protocols, Jeff created the ultimate war-dog for the “high octane” demands of covert operations.

Listen in as Marcie Davis interviews Jeff Franklin, the subject of this book, on Episode 155 of the Working Like Dogs show.