Most service dogs come with the basic equipment that they will need to do their jobs such as a backpack, harness, identification patch, etc. Every service dog agency is different and each agency has a different set of tools and equipment that they provide to each recipient. When I got my first service dog, she came with a backpack that included an identification patch, two bowls, a toothbrush, a nail clipper, and some other assorted items. It reminded me of the items a new mother would receive in a hospital welcome basket.

However, as time goes on and your relationship evolves with your service dog, the need may arise for additional items. For example, my first service dog’s backpack had pockets on each side. The pack was bulky and we would get stuck sometimes going through tight spaces. I looked around for alternative backpacks and was thrilled to find several providers that could accommodate our specific needs.

Over the years, I have turned to such providers as,, and for service dog equipment and accessories. With the internet, service dog team members can find quality equipment that goes beyond the welcome basket of items that they receive when they are first placed with their dog.

As the service and working dog industry grows, service dog recipients will have more volume and higher quality options for their service dog equipment and supply needs. Their dogs can find all types of gadgets and devices that can provide for easier travel, grooming, healthier treats, easier public access, and for an overall higher quality of life and care.