Canine Health Project

I am always interested in new studies that can support my assistance dog’s overall health and well-being. The Morris Animal Foundation has started a huge new project which will study dogs over the course of their lives in an effort to learn how to prevent and treat diseases facing dogs.

Just as the Framingham Heart study observed people through their lives, beginning in 1946, and led to increased knowledge of heart disease, the new Morris project is hoped to improve knowledge about dogs’ health. It is expected to provide information which will lead to new tests, diets and therapies for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of health conditions in dogs.

The first study will be for Golden Retrievers. This breed was chosen for study because more than half of them die of cancer. Although the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study is restricted to Golden Retrievers, results from this study will benefit all dogs.

To be eligible, dogs should be under 2 years old at time of enrollment and have a three-generation pedigree. The study is expected to run from 10 to 14 years and enroll up to 3,000 dogs.

“This is truly the biggest scientific effort that Morris Animal Foundation has ever undertaken,” says Dr. David Haworth, Foundation president and CEO. “And the benefits for advancing animal health will be huge.”

You can participate with your dog. Just go to to learn more and sign up. You can sign up for the Golden Retriever study or other upcoming studies.