Need a Speaker?

There’s a lot on the line when you pick a speaker

You want the audience to love it and love you for it — that means a buzz after the event, and people taking away real value and authenticity. You want people to feel inspired, to do something different, and to have specific actions they can apply immediately.

It’s got to be from the heart and packaged for them

I want to understand the needs of your audience and what’s important to them now, so we can make it meaningful for them.

Let’s keep it lively

I’m known for bringing groups together, stimulating interaction, raising the energy, encouraging new perspectives, and keeping it real. Almost all my talks include some kind of audience interaction and Lovey and I love Q&A’s.

Topics in my sweet spot

How an Assistance Dog Changed My Life, Partnering and Living with an Assistance Dog, Assistance Dogs in the Workplace, Disability in the Workplace, Board Development, Strategic Planning, Capturing Funding, Implementing Innovation, Working with Clients with Disabilities, Mentoring Staff, Vulnerability, Authenticity, Mindfulness, etc.

Let’s chat about what you need

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