Services for Individuals

Everyone’s situation is unique, but whether you have a seizure alert dog, a mobility assistance dog, or a pet therapy dog there a many common issues that arise with living with and understanding your working dog.

We’ve been there.

When I was partnered with my first service dog, I wanted to know everything immediately. The first thing I learned is my service dog was not a robot. I saw other working dog teams and I wanted to have the bond, trust and performance that I saw other teams experiencing.

For years, I struggled. I tried lots of products and searched for wisdom. I found some nuggets but what I really learned is there wasn’t much information available that was specific to my needs as a person with a disability partnered with a service dog.

Through my research and years of business and assistance dogs experience, I can say, I now know how to have an effective and fulfilling relationship with my service dog. I have developed tools, resources and methods that work and I would love to share that knowledge with you!

None of us can do it alone. We all need encouragement, support and guidance. So sign up for my email newsletter and get free support for you and your assistance dog.

Coaching: One-on-One Attention

Lots of personals attention and expert coaching.

That’s right, I come to you. On a virtual basis, I show up when you say so. You set the schedule and pacing. Worried about accessibility? Need to slow down or speed up? No problem.

Whether you are wondering if you made a mistake by getting a service dog, looking for ways to have a more effective relationship with your working dog, or getting ready to retire your dog, you’ll receive a plan and support to move forward. We’ll develop a plan that will help you to enhance your relationship with your working dog and keep your positive relationship moving forward as you gain independence and confidence in yourself and your dog.