Public Access Testing

ADI has created a Public Access Test http://www.assistancedogsinternational.org/standards/public-access-test/ to be administered by professional Assistance Dog Trainers. This test demonstrates the skills an assistance dog should be able to perform. This test is provided for educational purposes only. ADI accepts no responsibility for use of this test and passing of the test does not imply ADI certification.

Please Note: Working Like Dogs (WLD) currently does not provide information for assistance dog organizations that are not certified members of ADI. WLD does not endorse, approve or recommend these sources, and omissions do not in any way indicate bias on the part of WLD. This list is supplied solely as a resource for the reader to investigate and is not intended to be exhaustive nor all-inclusive. Agencies, organizations and suppliers change and form on a continual basis. Please use this list as a starting place for your own research.

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